How to befriend UNCERTAINTY

European Launch of PUNC, Gdansk, May 23-24th

Oliva Campus, UG, Faculties of Languages, Social Sciences

“The key is not to predict the future

but to prepare for it”


Young Europeans face uncertainty on a daily basis and as a result some are becoming more critical about systemic dominance of certain reductionist and siloed ways of knowing. They actively search for experiential learning opportunities which will prepare them to deal with ultimately unresolvable challenges.

The EU Launch of PUNC will take the participants through the journey of the Erasmus Plus consortium R+D+I activities: validation of PUNCompetency, pilots of PUNCbox tools and analyses of students’ PUNC-portfolios. PUNCbox tools help the students develop the competency to handle uncertainty more productively and become more critical of power structures, turn their fears or biases into collaborative intent and increase the repertoire of responses to uncertainty using creativity, mutual support networks and compassion. Find out more, get to know who the speakers and the project contributors are are at

The PUNC European Launch Program Oliwa Kampus, ul. Bażyńskiego 8, Gdańsk

Day One – May 23rd, Sala Teatralna Wydział Filologiczny

17.00 Welcome by University of Gdansk and INNOCAMP PL leadership

17.30 – Keynote 1 “Safe Uncertainty” – the story of PUNC  Ritie van Rooijen & Stijn Bollinger

18.00 – Keynote 2 “By-passing uncertainty in IT start-ups” – empowering African talent to code for Europe – Nelson T. Ajulo

18.15 – Keynote 3 “Empathy-based approach to uncertainty” Jacek Jakubowski

18.30 – Keynote 4 “Life is uncertain – Creating trust and competence through ethics in actions.” Markus Vahala

18. 45 – Improv Workshop “Mocking uncertainty with Shakespeare” Ewa Błachnio and Adam Jagiełło-Rusiłowski

20.00 – Stand -up and learning lab “Entertainment through uncertainty” Ewa Błachnio

Day Two – May 24th Auditorium S 211 Wydział Nauk Społecznych

10.00 – VUCA world learning environments and Finnish experiences of PUNC – Meiju Keinänen, Maria Välivirta Havia, Mari Ketola

10.30 – PUNCtoolbox and Danish experiences of PUNC – Susanne Østergaard Olsen, Jesper Nørskov

11.00 – Professionalising Uncertainty for Entrepreneurship – Spanish experiences of PUNC Jose Millet Roig,  Oscar Morant Martínez

11.30 – Befriending Uncertainty through e-portfolio –  PUNC consortium best practices for developing and self-validation of PUNC competence – Adam Jagiełło-Rusiłowski

12.00 Lunch at WNS

13.00 – Managing well-being through gamification – MARKED application – Ida Nevalainen

13.30 – Managing Uncertainty Productively – Polish experiences of PUNC – Renata Orłowska, Marta Witkowska, Urszula Mrzygłód

14.00 – Official launching of PUNC for Europe – UG leadership and all partners

Free registration required:

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