UNcertainty Competence

We help students overcome professional uncertainty.

PUNC Project Summary

PUNC (Professional UNcertainty Competence) project is to fill the competence gap of handling uncertainty productively. The results of the consortium will provide educators with tools and strategies to enhance their competencies to better prepare a future-oriented generation of professionals. 

Those professionals should, as a result be equipped with competencies to tackle the changing realities of the post academic life and see uncertainty as a positive, generative force and be able to overcome it with resilience and collaborative creativity

The project professionalizes educators to enable learners to develop their PUNC in their professional performance to find a way through this increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) world.

Supporting educators to train resilient professionals who can engage their professional uncertainty in a positive and productive manner will be achieved through 4 intellectual outputs: 


A map of best practices for VUCA learning environments with the guide for educators to help them design experiences needed for coping with uncertainty in professional contexts.


PUNC competence framework: with literature-based surveys and research articles.


PUNC Toolbox containing all necessary instructional material, methods of engagement and recognition of the learning.


Solutions For Authentication of PUNC Competence offering all stakeholders diverse ways of capturing manifestations of professional coping with uncertainty, mainly through the use of electronic portfolio.

The PUNC project methodology focus on continuous and systematic co-operation and dialogue between research, Higher Education and businesses benefiting all actors from this interaction.